Unlocking liquidity and leading
innovations on risk mitigation instruments

Enabling better risk management by bringing proven capital
markets capabilities and learning to the digital assets


Digital assets suffer from a lack of liquidity as well as risk management instruments that are existing
in traditional capital markets today.

Severe liquidity constraints and minimal shorting options
makes it nearly impossible to protect against downside risk
  • With spot trading exchanges there are limited options to protect your downside risk.

  • Minimal contract coverage for Altcoins and inefficient margin utilization. I.E. Extreme over-collateralization due to wide bid ask and rampant volatility

  • Lack of awareness for volatility mitigation and risk management for most digital asset portfolios and investors alike


OnTrade’s Electronic Communications System enables better risk control by bridging liquidity pools
across a diverse digital assets landscape, while enabling asset owners and traders
alike to come together and transact bilaterally.

  • Platform

    Provide liquidity, security, unlimited accessibility for traders to manage investment risk

  • Tools

    Providing simple yet innovative tools that allows for better risk management

  • Education

    Raise awareness within the community on the value, structure, and tools for downside protection of digital assets

  • Market
    Market Support

    Standing at the front-lines of the global digital asset and blockchain ecosystems in order to provide a more stable future crypto market


Q1 2018
Development begins on trading platform
Dec 2018
Assembly of key operating team
Jan 2019
First external funding
Jan 2019
Feb 2019
Closed beta testing
Mar 2019
Open beta testing
Mar 2019
Tokenomics and platform token design
Apr 2019
Open beta and trading
competition. Bounty bug
find. Completion of whitepaper
May 2019
Token issuance
Q3 2019
Begin development on
chain contracts
Q4 2019
Begin integration with
other custodial providers


Tier 1(TOP 10)
35% Fee Bonus
Tier 2(Vol: 5%)
22.5% Fee Bonus
Tier 3(Vol: 15%)
12.5% Fee Bonus
Tier 4(Vol: 25%)
2.5% Fee Bonus
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